Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Disney Vinylmation Jewelry

Back in 2010 I began to Create these Disney Vinylmation characters. I was very big into trading. I still like to collect them but not as much or as often as I used to. With the Blank Mickey Mouse figures they would I created a few of my own. Three of my favorites are a Rapunzel, A Scrump and a Captain EO I created back in 2011.
After I painted a few of these 3 inch figures, I created a smaller version but casting the JR version of the Vinylmation figure. They are little bit smaller than the 3 inch figure and they are only the front half. I noticed there were a few people making pendants from the Vinylmation Ice Cube trays which made the figures and jewelry very bulky. At the time, I was the only with these smaller ones and there were all hand painted and encrusted with Swarovski Crystals. I even managed to snag a spot on the Vinylmation Blog!
I hope in the future I have time to create more these. They take so much time, and life has been so full things to do that I have gotten away from them. There are few still available for purchase. And yes, they are all ONE OF A KIND and hand painted by me:)

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